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The Membership: what to expect

Each month, you'll get access to the resources below, which you are free to consume at your own pace (and in your PJs, if you prefer!). Also listed below are some of the benefits associated with the MWR membership:

'MAKE Writing' Masterclasses

Here's what's up...writing isn't a neat, linear process. It's messy, it's recursive, it's anything but sequential.  

'Making' writing is all about seeing the parts of written work in greater context--tinkering with, manipulating, and moving the various pieces--before committing it all to the page (or the screen, or via vocals or visuals, or, or...).  

So rather than approaching the process as routine or as a set of defined steps, these 20-30 minute videos will share a few, fresh ways to approach writing instruction with your learners.  

In other words, instead of pinning the parts of writing flat to the page, these activities will help your writers breathe 3-dimensional life into the process as they learn about writing and tinker toward mastery!

'MAKE Writing Real' Workshops 

Sometimes it feels like this world's got 99 problems, but in my book, it has just two: pseudo-probs (ones that already have an answer), and real-world probs (the kind that don't yet have a solution). 

The days of asking our students to passively consume content and accept pre-set responses to pseudo-probs without question are coming to an end, ma' friends.  

It's time to start challenging students with the real problems of today so they can play an active role in creating the solutions of tomorrow.  

(After all, they're 'in training' for jobs that don't even exist yet...!)

So once a month, I'll share project-based learning opportunities which aim to create the future-ready writers we need to keep our planet spinning in the right direction.  

These projects help students take their passion, and--using the awesome power of language--turn it into concrete purpose. The kind that'll make a *real* impact on the world, not just on their GPA. 

(Oh, and these projects won't just end up in your trashcan, y'all.)

'Get Pumped' Pedagogy + Rscs

You didn't think I'd throw a bunch of ideas, activities, and strategies at you without handing you the 'why' behind it all, did ya?!  

When it comes to 'making' writing and making it 'real' for our learners, it's essential we have a firm grip on the pedagogy behind it all. And while that term might sound sleepy, these bite-sized bits of information will get you pumped to spruce up your teaching philosophy. And that's because I've cut through the research (and cut to the chase!) for you.  

(you're welcome ;-)  

And you better believe I'll be sharing all my very best resources with you. From must-read professional development pieces to student-savvy selections, I've got a wealth of relevant books, articles, podcast episodes, tech apps, and more to recommend alongside our monthly content coverage.  

Needless to say, no teacher will be left behind to waste away in the practices that were *so* last century...

Collaboration Calls + Community

At the end of each month, I'm all yours...  

You get to sit me down, live, via coaching call to fire away with questions, quirks, and queries. 

I'm your sounding board, your spit-baller, your favorite (nerdy) teacher friend who's here to help.  

These video conferences set aside 1 hour per month to talk shop about all things membership and beyond.  

You've got questions, we've got collaboration!  

Oh, and of course we've got a private Facebook group at our fingertips to share, care, ask, and celebrate. Who could live without it?!

Implementation Time

Learning new methods and wrapping our heads around new strategies can take time. In fact, we teachers need time to tinker, test, and tweak ideas, in order to figure out what's best for our own, unique set of learners.

The MWR membership takes this into account by building in time to implement these ideas each month instead of overwhelming you with too much to do all at once.

That's why membership content is dripped out each week, with two weeks of content to digest, one week to plan + implement, and a final week to collaborate with each other and collect our thoughts.

Common Core

'Projects? Playtime?! Ain't nobody got tiiiime fo all dat!'  

I hear you. Man, do I hear you. It's tough juggling the many academic obligations we're held to as classroom teachers. All this tinkering sounds like it's going to veer us off the deep end, yeah?  

Not so.  

As educators, it's in our DNA to go above and beyond. MWR starts with the 'core,' but it ultimately aims for the ceiling...  

Translation: each activity/project is rooted in CCSS, but MWR also layers in learning objectives that stretch beyond that baseline, such as encouraging self-directedness, grit, and a growth mindset. It also aims to reawaken creativity, reinforce soft skills, and recognize + celebrate the whole child (not just their cognitive capabilities).  

Make Writing Real aims to cultivate what matters, not just what's measurable. Looks like the sky's our limit ;-)


As the program rolls out, there are a few, sneaky bonuses built in, in addition to scheduled content.  

(Free resources?! Can I get a heck YES?!)

Intentional Scaffolding

Instructional ideas, resources, guidance tips, and strategies are rolled out as a scaffold of skills to help you move seamlessly through the year with your writers.  

The strategies and activities can certainly be paired/merged/blended with other content in order to best adapt to your learners' needs, your teaching style, and your academic community's obligations.

Ongoing Access

Hiccup in your calendar? Unanticipated interruption? Needing to double-back for some reinforcement or re-teaching?  

No worries, teacher friend! You're welcome to move at your own pace throughout this have access to the materials any time you need 'em, so it's impossible to fall 'behind'!  

You also have access to these modules for one full year after the membership year is completed! Yip, yip!

Membership Pricing

'Pro Pioneer'  

'Founder's Fee' rate (available thru 8/14) 

  • Exclusive, insider rate
  •  9-month membership access (Sept.-May) + summer planning guidance (June/July)
  • One-time fee of $170 (paid in full at the start of membership)
  • Recognized as a 'founding member' on the edPioneer website + earlybird access and special discounts on future programs, events, and opportunities offered through edPioneer! 
  • Access to ALL special bonuses throughout the course of membership
  • Included in drawing for a FREE copy of the Make Writing Real digital e-course (May 2019)

'Rogue Status'

Annual beta membership rate (saves $100) 

  •  Beta membership rate 
  • 9-month membership access (Sept.-May) + summer planning guidance (June/July)
  • One-time fee of $270 (paid in full at the start of membership)
  • Access to special bonuses during the course of membership
  • Included in drawing for a FREE copy of the Make Writing Real digital e-course (May 2019)

'Traditional Trailblazer'

Month-to-month membership rate

  •  Traditional membership rate
  • 9-month membership access (Sept.-May) 
  • Monthly fee of $37 (sent at the start of each month)
  • Opt-out any time
  • Included in drawing for a FREE copy of the Make Writing Real digital e-course (May 2019)

Meet Jill Pavich...

your teacher-gone-rogue...

I am crazy-passionate about teaching high school, but I'm also crazy-passionate about rethinking *the way* we teach high school. I freaking love being an educator, and I've learned a heck of a lot through my professional experiences and opportunities...  

But #truth, I've had to un-learn a lot, too...that adorable little teaching philosophy I drummed up for job interviews some fifteen years ago just doesn't cut it in today's classrooms. And if I think I'm going to teach my students the same way I was taught back in my own high school heyday, well...that's not going to move the ol' academic needle forward either, y'all.  

But I'm cool with that. I'm down to learn something new. And I'd love for you to pioneer these new heights with me...  

There is SO much room for improvement in our field, yet it's super easy for us to get caught up in the confines of a comfortable curriculum...the kind that's easy to teach and easier to measure.  

So in a system that's 100+ years old (yet virtually unchanged), I'm on a m i s s i o n to 'think different' because times, they are a-changin', with our without our professional consent.  

Specifically, I'm all up in your digital space to create and share updated ways for teaching writing, so high school ELA teachers can meet local and national standards while also cultivating what matters MOST for today’s 21st century learners and tomorrow’s innovative leaders.  

It's time to go rogue, and get real, yo...  

You in?

Questions? Drop me a line at: